The Museum showcases extensive educational information in charts, timelines and graphics that bring you a better understanding of African cultural history and its impact throughout the world. There is also a collection of culturally relevant items, including carvings, weavings and other
 artifacts from over 10 different African countries.  

The Research Center - Consists of 6000 books in nine languages, 8000 slides in twenty-six presentations, 400 audio-video tapes, countless articles, essays and master-doctorate theses addressing six thousand years of African history.

The Traveling Exhibit Program - Features seven interactive exhibits with study guides. Traveling exhibits are available for short or long-term rental periods in your facility.

The Bookstore - Provides a variety of local & international educational, historical, and cultural publications, charts, posters and other materials for purchase, and offers out-of-print and hard to find materials. 

The Tour Service - Consists of local, national and international educational and heritage trips. Local tours are personally conducted to show the African and African-American history in Old Town, San Diego county's gold-rush country and the Buffalo Soldiers experience. International tours to African and Latin American countries are available.

The Gift Shop - Souvenirs as well as museum quality items are for sale. Many of the artifacts and fine art graphics are personally framed.

Internet Retrieval System - The Internet can search thousands of African Heritage centers throughout the Diaspora in a multitude of languages, or contact African-American Genealogical Societies, African-American Museum Associations, and Historically Black Colleges and Universities across the U.S., and around the world. 
~ There are Six Facets of Interest   ~